The Corona iceberg has been struck, and the good ship Victoria Quarter, is on her way down.

It’s ‘Lock down’  – to members of the public, verboten.

As I sit here at my desk, putting my business in mothballs, I am officially the last man standing.

Violin poised, bow in hand, I must serenade a sad farewell to you all, until the good times roll again.

But for now, this period is one of the biggest tests many of us will have to endure.


This virus and the way we must defeat it, strikes at the very core of our humanity.

It denies us our freedom to be with each other – lovers, friends, family members, colleagues, business partners and valued customers, forced apart, isolated.

Could there be a crueller, more insidious form of torture?

The thing I love most about my life, are the wonderful people within it, and the opportunity my business provides to build new relationships for the future.

We’ve laughed together, drank together, dined together and felt that shared rush of elation, when donning your new Michelsberg threads for the first time.

But that’s kaput, time-out, press pause, to be continued.

Through adversity, wonderful things can and will happen.

This is our chance to shine, to dig deep, show our mettle, support and look after each other as best as we are able, and not let this filthy virus break our spirit.


From today, the doors of Michelsberg Towers must remain closed.

But open again they shall, and when they do, there’s going to be one hell of a party.

God bless us all. We will get through this together.