December is my favourite month of the year.

For me, it’s an opportunity to drop down a gear, and spend time with colleagues and customers on a ‘social basis.’

That means downing tools and giving the Michelsberg Kidney & Liver department a chunk of overtime.

The Christmas road to excess started at the end of November with the Michelsberg Christmas Party.


Without doubt it was the coldest night of the year. My heart went out to The Tingley Brass Band who bravely supped their mulled wine and ensured the show went on.

From then on, I’ve taken every opportunity to shun my usual Sainsbury’s salad for a long lunch with customers, and enjoy ‘strategy sessions’ at Friends of Ham with colleagues.

It’s all been very naughty behaviour and downright enjoyable.

Christmas was as bloody wonderful as ever. Family, old friends, log fires, Roquefort cheese, quality red and Christingle at Bolton Abbey.

Today is New Year’s eve and I write this missive from a little cottage clung to the hill side at Sandsend on The East coast.

Yesterday, was in my eyes, a perfect day.

Surfing clean three foot waves at Saltburn (check out the photo below of my favourite suit!), a trip to the cinema to see Paddington 2 (awesome!), pheasant pie at the Bridge Cottage Bistro followed by a log fire and bottle of Chateau Musar.


I look forward to 2018 with excitement. It’s going to be a big year for my colleague Charlie in Manchester, and now is the time for our latest recruit, George, to wield the tape-measure.

I’m refreshed, happy within myself and as of tomorrow, going dry!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and indulgent Christmas and here’s to a fun and prosperous New Year for us all!