Today, the last piece of the Michelsberg Tailoring refurbishment programme fell into place.

My Italian table and chairs finally landed.

The table came in two boxes – one for the top, one for the base.

Taped to the base was an Allen key, eight screws, four clips and…no instructions.

“Don’t panic, Mr Mannering,” I said to young George. How hard can this be?

Fast forward two hours and I’m spitting feathers.

Red-faced, my bespoke shirt stuck to my aching back, I’m fantasising about throttling the table’s pasta-munching designer, with my throbbing hands.

Finally, like a Krypton Factor challenge from hell, we got it sorted, and whilst I am thrilled with the end result, the whole project hasn’t exactly been plain sailing.

Kevin from “Grand Designs” would have jumped for joy in his orange trainers, as the wrong lights were ordered by my interior designer.

How he would have chuckled, in his tightly fitted jacket and roll-neck sweater, as the eighteen retina-burning bulbs, turned my showroom into a nightclub-cum-halogen-powered sauna.

But now, with the joys of LED lighting behind (and above) me, the scars are healing.

Whilst shop-fitters, cabinet-makers, artists, decorators and purveyors of Italian furniture dine out on the Michelsberg dollar, I’ve checked my Barclays card into therapy.

The financial storm has now passed, and I think it’s fair to say, the shop is looking great.

Michelsberg Showroom Italian table from hell

Michelsberg Showroom Bowler Hats & Cloth Library

When it comes to bespoke tailoring, people often say a certain level of theatre is involved.

I think that’s certainly true, as the whole experience is just as wonderful and important as the end product.

A performer at heart, I take great delight in entertaining my customers, as well as fitting them out in fine threads.

When you are providing a luxury product and service, this must be reflected in the surroundings, and the boys and girls at IIDP and North’s have done us proud.

Our highly polished stage is all set for our customers to take to the dance floor, and hopefully, as the late Bruce Forsythe might say, “Keep Spending!”