Introducing Michelsberg Tailoring’s next apprentice, Mr George Lewis.

Here he is below, signing his life away at Michelsberg HQ in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds.

George Lewis

Formerly selling menswear at House of Fraser, he will join the ranks on September 11th.

His initial approach to me was highly professional, and throughout the interview process, conducted himself like a gentleman.

Polite, enthusiastic, with a genuine love of clothing, I think he has many of the traits I’m looking for in, what will ultimately be, a business partner.

The fact that he’s also a surfer, might have swayed the scales a touch as well.. 😉

It’s been three years in September, since Charlie came on board, and he’s now flown the nest and is doing sterling work, running our Manchester business out of Hotel Gotham on King Street.

Only last Thursday, we celebrated a record month of sales for him, lunching at Tattu restaurant in Manchester, before heading off to Manchester House and Bar & Grill for further libations.

Here he is enjoying the fruit of his spoils.

Charlie Anderson - Tattu

I consider alcohol an essential part of the team-building process, and so to celebrate George joining the crew, we took him out for a pint.

Here we are, perched at the bar of Carluccios in the Trinity centre, knocking the top off an icy cold pint of Peroni.

Charles, George & James

So, here’s to the future for us all. Charles, George and James. The names of Kings.

Perfect for delivering tailoring from the gods.