This month, it’s been party time at Michelsberg HQ to celebrate 10 years of bespoke tailoring.

Ten Year Birthday Party2

Over a hundred and fifty of my customers, suppliers, family and friends, gathered to enjoy the fabulously talented Vernon Sisters, who performed an eclectic mix of Hollywood swing, Gatsby glamour and 1940’s vintage cabaret.

On the grand piano, I had the silky smooth Stewart Garden tinkling the ivories; a nice touch which played to my sentimental side as he performed for me when I first moved into the Victoria Quarter, five years ago.

I’d hired the infamous mixologists, Dean and Connor, of The Maven Bar to keep the booze flowing, and what a job they did – polished, utterly professional and charming to boot.

It goes without saying I made a speech – show me a stage and I’m all over it like a rash. With my new hand-sewn double-breasted suit in Loro Piana cloth, Hermes tie, bespoke shirt and Foster & Sons’ loafers, I felt quite the man about town.

Throughout my life, I’ve always felt more confident when dressed to the nines, and whilst hardly a shrinking violet, when faced with so many people, I could feel my heart beating.

I must say, it was rather a wonderful moment to stand before so many of my loyal customers, who have been with me from the start, wearing their Michelsberg threads, swigging my booze, and then be presented with the birthday cake (in front of my daughters Avy and Elizabeth) by my gorgeous wife, Nikki.

Ten Year Birthday3

I gave a big shout out to my cloth suppliers and the boys and girls in the workroom, and finally congratulated my partner in crime, Mr Charlie Anderson, who started here in September 2014.

He’s come along way in two years. Not short of confidence himself, he’s beginning to build a real following in Manchester and this month has had an absolute belter. The self-declared “Rock” of the business, his status has now been upgraded to “Rainmaker.”

At the beginning, my goal for the business was to be the best in Leeds.

Now, on the hunt for my next apprentice, we will take our place on the Iron throne, and declare ourselves the John Snow of the tailoring trade. The Kings of the North.

(Images taken by Tony Jacobs)