December has been an absolute belter.

As far as business goes, it’s usually a lean month, with people saving for Christmas, but the till has been ringing away like Santa’s sleigh bells.

It’s been a great end to what has been a terrific year and music to the ears of my accountant, and paymaster, the venerable Mr Scrivenor.

Some of this was down to the launch event of our made to measure collection and the influx of new victims to our Manchester operation.

It’s been a month where the gym has been replaced by sin, with team bonding sessions at Whitelocks, Friends of Ham and a memorable lunch at Sous les Nes.

The highlight was the Michelsberg Christmas party, my showroom and terrace rammed with customers and suppliers, glasses of mulled wine raised to the heart-warming tones of The Tingley Brass Band. Magic.

brass band

Our final hurrah was on Wednesday 23rd, with an exceptional lunch at Manchester House, with a bottle of Bordeaux that will bring tears to the eyes of the aforementioned Mr Scrivenor.

Since then it’s been a booze and food fest of criminal proportions.

Christmas Eve was spent in front of the log fire, with my oldest friend Pete, and his lovely lady, Ching-yin.

Here we are getting into the spirit of things, gangsta’ style. Respect to the Amsterdam massive!


Yes, it’s fair to say your tailor is a happy chappie, even more so when Santa brought me a new O’Neill ‘Pyschofreak’ wetsuit. 😎

Fingers crossed Mother Nature will allow me to christen it over the next few days as I head over to the east coast with my family.

So here’s wishing you all a fabulous festive run up to New Year’s Eve and a cracking start to 2016!!