Damn that Zuckerberg bloke. I’ve resisted Facebook for years, but I’ve had yet another customer extolling the virtues of ‘social networking’ and how it could benefit my business, so I’ve decided to take a shaky step towards the dark-side and start a Facebook page for Michelsberg Tailoring.

I’m still not entirely convinced. I’ve always thought it a virtual slobberfest for American adolescents, techo-geeks and paedos to oggle pictures of Katie Price wannabes, driven to tell the world when they’ve waxed and what they’ve just eaten at McDonalds.

As my opening party proved, you can’t beat getting together in the flesh with like-minded people, but I do think this Facebook malarkey has legs. My customers come from a variety of backgrounds with very different tastes but we all appreciate the finer things in life, particularly when it comes to fine threads.

That said, I want to use it as a platform not just to discuss matters of dress, although that is it’s primary motive, but perhaps to help point each other in the direction of things that might bring us pleasure. Perhaps a great barber you use, or fabulous shoe shop, cloth company, restaurant, art exhibition, gentleman’s club, the list is endless..

To get the ball rolling, I’ve started a number of discussions and will be posting pictures of ‘things’ and people I come across which I think are worthy of debate.

Take this chap for example:

I was on my way to the office and clocked this guy waiting to cross the road. After introducing myself and commenting on the splendour of his attire, he agreed to strike a pose.

Absolutely loving the leather gloves, cane, pocket hanky and check out the pink feather in his hat! Now that’s what I call a character.

Twitter, Myspace, Bebo, Linked-in: it’s a Brave New World out there and I only hope we can use it to bring some fun and merriment into our inboxes.

So if you dance with the devil and are on Facebook, here’s hoping you’ll keep your eyes open for things that might tickle our collective fancy and share it with the rest of us.