It’s Monday morning and there is a spring in the Michelsberg step. On Thursday night I downed tools and headed off with my family for a long weekend in Runswick Bay on the East Coast.

What a spot. Gobsmackingly beautiful. It’s straight out of an Enid Blyton book where kids with beautiful manners eat picnics, take walks and uncover an international smuggling operation run by the lighthouse keeper. I relaxed, ate chips with everything, managed some surfing at Saltburn and even changed a few nappies.

Taking time off to suck the marrow out of life is essential and one person who now has plenty of this ahead of him is Jon Fairweather who retired last Thursday.

A lover of decent brandy, the horses and three piece suits, he is going to be seriously missed by many of us in the tailoring trade throughout the country. He’s an incredible coat maker who takes real pride in his work and has taught me a great deal over the last four years. Another tailor at the ‘farewell’ summed it up when he simply said about his skills, “you won’t find one finer.”

As Jon hangs up his shears and heads to the South of France and the West Country for some well earned R&R, may I introduce to you all Miss Jules Middlebrook who is chomping at the bit to get started in the world of tailoring.

Here she is, sporting a fabulous skirt made by her own fair hands using Dormeuil offcuts and is about to start a degree in Bespoke Tailoring at the London College of Fashion.

It’s very rare I come across somebody who is so passionate and enthusiastic about the trade itself and she is determined to become a cutter. Many young gals, understandably attracted by the perceived glamour of the fashion industry, want to become designers and are often less interested in the craft itself.

Not so in her case and I’m going to do everything I can to help and support her. She’s heading down South soon, so, if you are on the Row (or do things the ‘old school’ way) and think you can offer her some experience, please do get in touch.

Yes, as far as Monday’s go, I’m in excellent spirits, made even better by a text from a customer of mine who hit the red carpet last Friday for the Harry Potter Film Premiere.

He has just been featured in the ‘Most Stylish Men of the Week’ by GQ magazine and I think his Michelsberg three piece looks spot on, particularly with the tie-pin and pocket watch. Nice shoes as well, courtesy of my fellow Victoria Quarter tenant, Churches. Good work Mr. Lewis, you’ve done Leeds proud 🙂