It’s two fingers up to the world of work and hello Christmas holidays. Yesterday was my last day in the office for 2009 which culminated in the delivery of this rather divine overcoat to one of my best customers.

Isn’t she a beauty? It’s possibly one of the most dapper and dashing coats we’ve ever made and would bring a tear to the eye of Arthur Daley himself.

That chocolate brown velvet collar and trim just ooze style and sophistication against a backdrop of cashmere and wool loveliness. The cloth is so soft, you could line your underpants with it. Indulgent? Most certainly, and that is what Christmas is all about.

It’s a time to say sod it to living sensibly and tuck into all the things that we shouldn’t. You can almost smell the excitement in the air as people take to the streets, abuse their credit cards and load their shopping trolleys with booze and rich food.

So with this in mind it was straight to Ha Ha’s bar for a sharpener with old friends to get the festivities underway. And that’s another thing I love about Christmas. It brings people together and is the perfect time to say thanks to people who have helped and supported me throughout the year.

After that, it was back to my family home for canapes, fine wine (thanks to my brother Edward who is over from Oz), a roaring log fire and then out to dinner.

Pete was over from Amsterdam and ‘The Bainer’ even made an appearance. We were the last to leave and as the girls jumped into a taxi and headed home, we drank beers in the street and had a snowball fight. Perfect. A truly wonderful evening.

In fact, it’s been a truly wonderful year. I’ve become a daddy for the first time, business has been great and there are some seriously exciting plans for 2010.

In January, I’m launching a line of Michelsberg Accessories (available ‘online’), my own ‘House Cloth’ (can’t wait to tell you more) and a level of construction that is second to none. Then we’re going international. Oh yes, I’ve got a good feeling about 2010 but now it’s time to switch off and relax.

Here’s wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a smashing new year.


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