One of the great things about my job is getting to know people from all walks of life.

From the great and the good, to the bad and the downright dodgy, a passion for bespoke tailoring can be found. This means that I often get to deal with some of the more colourful members of society which is often fun and very illuminating.

It’s particularly enjoyable if they like to do things a bit differently and that was certainly the case with one of my customers whose wedding was based on the elegant and glamorous ‘Art Deco’ period which peaked in the Roaring Twenties.

Introducing Steve – one of the most enthusiastic and eccentric characters I’ve had the pleasure to make a suit for.

He’s a psychiatric nurse, part time DJ, drives a V12 6 litre Daimler and wanted some threads that would cut a dash on his big day. I think we did rather well and I love the pocket watch. It’s a look somewhere between Lord of The Manor, Bugsy Malone and Ming The Merciless.

Many of the suits I make are timeless classics and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but it’s great when you get to sit down with a client, get on a level, throw ideas around and come up with something unique.

It’s a team approach to getting it right and in this case it ended with a happy customer. In fact, he’s just informed me he now wants something making-up for a forthcoming trip to Dubai which illustrates an important point.

One suit is never enough.

Consider yourself warned – bespoke tailoring is highly addictive, rather expensive and in extreme cases, such as myself, can even change your life.