At last, our first proper sniff of the summer to come. My god it feels so good to have the sun’s rays beating down on my dome-like forehead.

There is something truly wonderful about this time of year. Beers outside after work, the taste of that first steak on the barbie, young ladies in flouncy skirts and strappy little tops. Yes folks, as a nation there is a spring in our step and the world seems a better place. Sod the credit crunch and falling house prices, mother nature is here and the sap is well and truly rising.

Whilst most of my blogs are focused on the craft of bespoke tailoring I must ask all of you to help me in spreading the word to your fellow man regarding one of the most terrible and heinous crimes that the summer months can bring. The wearing of short sleeve shirts in the workplace.

I’m not talking about the trendy variety. You know, the crumpled linen numbers covered in obscure logos with little epaulettes on the shoulders – often worn by stubbly faced creatives in design agencies, usually with a pair of battered cargo shorts and a pair of havaianas flip flops. No, I’m talking about what we used to wear to junior school, along with grey flannel shorts and brown sandals with holes in the front.

The short sleeved work shirt is the work of the devil – cruelly forced upon traffic wardens and police officers as uniform, once acrylic jumpers and fluorescent anoraks are put away in moth balls until the autumn.

I can already hear whining arguments about how much cooler they are to wear than long sleeved shirts. I say, grow some balls and roll your sleeves up man! Where would be today if it wasn’t for the brave souls who fought for this country in the deserts of Africa in itchy 18oz woolen battle dress? The very act of rolling them up says playtime is over and it’s time to get to work, not run off to mummy and ask for money for ice-cream.

So there it is. I’ve made my point. I’m not the sort of person to point and make fun of people but you have to draw the line somewhere. If you do spot a pale, skinny armed offender in your midst, jot down “” on a piece of paper and present it to him with a flourish. One day, he just might thank you for it.