Like Frank Bough, I am happiest in life when I am dressed from head to toe in rubber. Whilst bespoke tailoring gets me fired up, it is surfing that calms my soul and here I am near Croyde Bay in North Devon having a well earned rest after what has been a hectic start to 2008.

Six years ago I left a lucrative job in London for a ‘year out’ in Australia – the plan was to get a job in Sydney but after two weeks down under, I bought a McTavish longboard in Byron Bay and lived the life of a surf bum for twelve wonderful months.

Whilst chilling out on the beach was great, it became clear that I needed more from life and consider myself extremely lucky to now earn a living doing something I genuinely love.

For those of you who have never tried surfing, do it. Whilst many surfers moan about the growing commercialisation of the sport and the increasing number of new surfers overcrowding lineups, it is a truly magical feeling and (like wearing a bespoke suit) should be experienced by as many people as possible.

It is not just the mind-blowing feeling of catching and sliding down a wave but just being in the ocean and embracing good old Mother Nature – looking out to the horizon, waiting for the next set to come through, the sun sparkling on the water, sheer bliss.

So, after searching for perfect waves, I am now back in Yorkshire, tanned, taught and terrific and ready to continue my quest to make the perfect suit.