Service! Ca Marche!!

The plan was to meet up at Whitelock’s with my customer Dunphers, have a quick pint, and then head home.

But as many of you will know, warm ale, old friends and good banter can cause the best laid plans to go awry..

After several libations, we decided to head to my favourite restaurant in Leeds, Sous Le Nez.

Sous Le Nez

It’s French and has been the premier dining establishment of choice, for the Leeds business community since its establishment in 1991. Read More

Hello, Hong Kong!!

This morning, I landed in Hong Kong.

It’s a city that’s captivated me ever since I watched the Bond film, ”The man with the golden gun,” with scenes at The Peninsula Hotel and Victoria Harbour.

I’ve only been here for five hours and I’m already smitten with the place.

Feeling a little ‘gritty’ after taking full advantage of the in-flight beverage facilities, I felt a massage (calm down dears – not ‘that’ sort of massage) would make a fine start to the proceedings. Read More

Cordially yours.

As this wonderful Summer runs its course, preparations for Autumn & Winter are underfoot at Casa Michelsberg.

This weekend, a fresh batch of logs was delivered, and during a family shopping trip to Waitrose, I found myself drawn – like a slavish moth to the fire – towards my amber coloured friends in the spirits section.

Now is the time for Mr Tanqueray to exit stage left, as Messrs Hine & Hibiki take centre stage in my theatre of sin. Read More

A vested interest.

Heading out of the Victoria Quarter this month, I was confronted with something that for me, cast a cloud over this sun-soaked Great British Summer.

Lads, stripped to the waist, swigging from bottles, a cacophony of “It’s coming home!” delivered from slurring, red faces.

Decked out in my panama hat, tan leather briefcase and linen suit, the peaks of several baseball caps swivelled in my direction.

From the looks on their jeering faces, I felt a cordial invitation to join them for a vape and a can of Stella, most unlikely. Read More

We’ll always have Paris..

Last Sunday. Leeds Bradford Airport. Bags packed, family Michelsberg, heading for Paris.

Mais non! French Air Traffic Control go on strike, flights cancelled, my daughters Disney dreams shattered.

No Rapunzel for Elizabeth. No Thunder Mountain for Avy. And no visit for me to meet my tailoring heroes, Massimo and Lorenzo Cifonelli.

Staying a five minute walk away from their atelier on the Rue de Faubourg, if I could have one ‘non Michelsberg’ suit in the world, it would be, without question, a Cifonelli. Read More

Jill Elizabeth Michelsberg.

This morning, I buried my mother’s ashes at Bingley cemetery.

Now don’t worry – this blog is not going to be a dour missive, penned between racking sobs, tears cascading over my Dell keyboard.

It’s a tribute to an incredible woman whose love of clothing is probably one of the reasons why I got into tailoring in the first place.

Here she is, in all her glamorous, absolutely-fabulous glory.

Jill Elizabeth Michelsberg

Clothes were without doubt, one of her many passions, and her sense of style was undeniable. Read More

“Show me your shoes, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

My Grandma, Edith, was a stylish, intelligent lady who had a wonderful saying – “show me your shoes, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Never a truer word was spoken.

All the impact, and awe inspiring beauty of wearing a perfectly tailored suit, bespoke shirt and rakish accessories, comes crashing down to nothing, if you’ve scrimped on your foot candy.

I implore every chap out their, “don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.” (another Edith special) Read More

Long Live The Tie!

A customer of mine who is a surgeon, recently told me that when he was a junior doctor, his mentor advised him, “when meeting with a patient, you should be smartly dressed, clean shaven and smelling lightly of aftershave.”

If someone is going to slice open my body with a scalpel, I’d want everything about that person to scream ‘professional.’

Scuffed shoes, a scratty beard and halitosis are never going to help inspire confidence. Read More

Hello! Newcastle.

This month Michelsberg Tailoring headed North up the A1, for our first trunk show to Newcastle.

A ‘trunk show’ is basically where a tailoring firm offers a travelling service, packs up its bunches of cloths and examples of its work, and presents itself to customers, at a temporary retail location, or, another venue such as a hotel room.

It’s a very common, and cost effective way, to open up new markets, assess demand and build up a loyal following, before perhaps taking the plunge and committing to bricks and mortar and a long lease. Read More

The most wonderful time of the year.

December is my favourite month of the year.

For me, it’s an opportunity to drop down a gear, and spend time with colleagues and customers on a ‘social basis.’

That means downing tools and giving the Michelsberg Kidney & Liver department a chunk of overtime.

The Christmas road to excess started at the end of November with the Michelsberg Christmas Party.


Without doubt it was the coldest night of the year. My heart went out to The Tingley Brass Band who bravely supped their mulled wine and ensured the show went on. Read More