Was it good for you too?

“I’ve bought three suits from Michelsberg and they have been of very high quality, durable and contemporary. I would strongly recommend them.”
Tom Riordan

“From Graduation through to Call to the Bar, a three-piece bespoke Michelsberg will never fail to impress.”
Adam Marshall

“Too old to rock, too young to die’ but in a Michelsburg creation I’m feeling cool, smooth and ready for dancing!”
David A Kerfoot MBE

“Quite simply the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn”.
Stephen Jackson

“It has been an absolute joy to know and work with you and the whole experience has been fantastic from start to finish. The finished article is something I shall wear with pride and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing wedding suit. You’re a top bloke and Lisa and I wish you all the very best with the business and your growing family.”
Neil Stuart

“I found Michelsberg tailoring by entering ‘best tailor in Leeds’ to a Google search.  At the top of the list came James Michelsberg Tailoring.

James is a charming man and a natty dresser who clearly cares passionately about his work and about style in general.  That in itself is a reassuring attitude in a tailor; after all, being advised on a suit by a pimply faced youth wearing his old school trousers is never going to inspire confidence, is it?  My experience at Michelsberg tailoring was as far removed from that as it is possible to imagine.

James coached, advised and guided me through the choice of cloth, details and cut.  But more than that he listened to what I said; to what I wanted from the suit in terms of how, where and why I would wear it.  It made me feel it was my suit not his and that is important if you value a bespoke product.

Attention to detail was the hallmark of the process; even when I was content with the hang and cut, James examined, re-examined and made sure that it matched not only my ‘spec’ but his too.  The end product is a delight.  The tiny flashes of pink silk lining at the cuffs attract stares and surprise while the faultless cut and finish attract innumerable favourable comments.

I cannot recommend James Michelsberg tailoring highly enough.  I’ve paid twice as much for half the suit at big name outfitters but Google got it right.  I’m convinced James Michelsberg is the best tailor in Leeds.”
Tony Kelly

“Having resigned myself to that fact that I would need to make multiple trips to London in order to have the suit of my dreams, I was relieved to have found Michelsberg Tailoring after some lengthy google searching. Meeting with James to go through the various stages required felt like meeting a friend, such is James’ relaxed and friendly personality.

Needless to say, the final product was outstanding, made even more satisfying knowing that the tailoring and materials were not only of the highest standard but also of local origin, I really did feel as though Savile Row had come to me. James provided me with an exquisite suit, commented upon by all those who have seen me wearing it. His service and style is second to none.”
Dan Chandler

“One of the key motivating factors for me to loose weight was when I couldn’t wear my James Michelsberg suit”
Andrew Morley

“Choosing a bespoke wedding suit from by Michelsberg Tailoring was one of the best decisions I made.
The attention to detail and service from James and his team, from selecting the fabric, meeting for the fittings, right down to collecting the finished dinner suit was impeccable.
I look forward to adding to my Michelsberg Collection.”
Paul Copley

“When I met James for the first time, I urgently needed two new suits to attend a friend’s wedding in the Far East. He seemed to know very instinctively what I required in terms of quality, cloth and design. The fitting process was highly professional, stress-free and efficient from start to finish, with attention to detail, resulting in a superb end-product. Congratulations on moving into the Victoria Quarter – I am sure this will give you a great platform to take Michelsberg tailoring on to the next phase of success and achievement”.
Dr Fahmid U. Chowdhury

“Having tried several designer off-the-peg suits without success, I decided to give a James a try. From the moment you walk in, it’s made to feel like a special experience, James listened and understood just what I was looking for. The result was a great fitting suit”
Jonathan Asquith

“When I go out to an event or business meeting I like to feel confident and look good. James Michelsberg service and clothes both made me feel a Million Dollars which gives me that confidence.”
Alan Sutton

“As someone who’d never previously spent three figures on an item of clothing it was rather a leap of faith to order a bespoke Michelsberg three-piece suit for my wedding day… the best day of my life demanded some rather special tailoring however, and James delivered in style. This once scruffy student now has not only an amazing tailor, but a super cool friend. Thank you James.”
Tom Williams

“One of my favourite quotations is, ‘Style, never goes out of fashion.’
I wish I’d thought of that little gem, but unfortunately not. Although I can think of somewhere it does apply to and that’s Michelsberg tailoring. Here’s how I would personally describe James and Michelsberg Tailoring – “Stylish with impeccable tailoring. Having elegance, taste and refinement in both manners and dress.”
Adam Powell

“The suit you made for me is the best fitting garment I have ever owned & your service & attention to detail are first rate. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”
Andrew McNamara

“The most gorgeous materials, the strongest construction, the most luxurious details and of course the finest fit – all of which make you walk just that little bit taller… That’s my Michelsberg suit!”
Sean Sankey

“A high end tailoring service which mixes conventional values and modern dress codes and trends at sensible prices, would be a good summary of the Michelsberg way. More simply a shit hot service in support of shit hot garments, I’d have no hesitation in recommending James to anyone considering a new suit.”
Rob Sawtell

“I have just taken delivery of my wedding suit and am delighted to recommend James and Michelsberg Tailoring. The attention to detail, expert knowledge of materials, style and design and the ability to understand what you want and translate it into a finished product make for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Thanks very much James!”
Anthony Birks

“I cannot recomend both James and his team highly enough. A complete, stress free professional service. Excellent!!!”
Rick Lawson,
“I really love the suit James made for me. I feel good wearing it. It fits me. Or rather… it fits “ME”. Properly. I wish I’d had a suit made for me a long time ago. A very thorough service, a likeable and professional guy with a genuine killer end-product. I’ll be buying another suit from James this year.”
Geoff Shepherd

“My last bespoke suit was made in 1995 to coincide with my son’s christening!! An eleven year gap ensued before taking the plunge with James in January 2006 and the result speaks for itself: a superb suit which fits me like a glove and which positively screams quality!! Nothing was too much trouble, every meeting suited (sorry!) my schedule, advice was generous and honest and I felt I was dealing with someone who had been in the tailoring business for many years. Enthusiasm, attention to detail and a burning desire to make sure the client is very happy with the end product will undoubtedly guarantee continued success for James.”
Ian Brindle

“James has made me two amazing suits. He is so passionate and conscientious about he does that it takes your breath away. Not only is his knowledge first rate but his positive, personality makes every meeting a pleasure.
I can’t recommend him more highly enough so if you have never had a suit made-to-measure or if you have and it was not as special as you thought it could, or should be then its time you met James.”
Martin Fisher

“We would firstly like to thank James for the outstanding garments which have been produced for both Glenn and myself.We can only find positive comment to summarise your infections enthusiasm and customer orientated service. The whole process completely surpassed our expectations. In our opinion, your knowledge and expert advice has created wearable masterpieces. Many thanks again.”
Robert Poutch

“James approached our business with an innovative idea to provide all or our top performing consultants with made to measure suits as part of a performance incentive scheme. The idea worked tremendously well and James made a number of amazing suits for us. Personally I was so pleased with mine that I recommended him to a friend of mine who’s since enjoyed the service and had a first fitting for my second suit from him last night. I can’t stress this enough; there are no absolutely no drawbacks to having a suit made to measure by James, you have an entirely different relationships with the clothes you’ve chosen and made personally than those you buy off the peg. I’ll continue to have James make my suits and I suggest you do to.”
Frank Suhadolnik

“I cannot reccomend James highly enough, his attention, levels of service and outstanding style mean that his products are totally unique.
Forget buying your businesswear off the peg, call this man.”
Neil Jarvis
James produced one of the finest waistcoats for my wedding in September 2010, with little notice he pulled out all the stops and made me look even more fantastic on the day.”
Richard Kirk

“Mine’s a Micheslberg – need I say more?”.
Derek Heathcote

“A splendid service from a true English gent.  I have been provided with immense levels of quality tailoring and I am totally satisfied with my exquisite suit. As a result, I am going to have to replace my suits with ‘Michelsbergs finest’, to ensure that my wardrobe remains at this level of panache.”
Ben Brown

“When I got married I decided that the best man and myself should get bespoke suits made for the big day. He’s over 6 ft and I’m 5’6″ so we wanted to avoid off-the-peg hired formal wear. I did extensive research into tailoring services in the Leeds area and after reading the Michelsberg blog and speaking to the man himself there was only one choice. Whilst the Bride-to-be was scouring northern Britain for the perfect dress I and my best chum simply met up with James at his workplace in the city centre on a sunny Saturday morning and enjoyed a nice coffee and a really good laugh whilst the painless process of choosing fabric and measuring up took place. There were two subsequent visits for fitting and that was it, apart from a celebratory pint when all was said and done.

James really does love his work and his knowledge, enthusiasm and energy when guiding a sartorial simpleton like me was infectious. When I tried the finished suit on I couldn’t have been happier, it fit like a glove. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelsberg Tailoring to anyone considering buying a suit, forget Harvey Nicholls round the corner, go and see my mate James. Tell him I sent you.”
Mark Birch

“Coming in a mess, going out in style’ – Thanks for the hard work over the last 12 months!”
Jeremy Pugh

“A suit made by Michelsberg fits like a dream every stitch is quite perfect, so too every seam.
No shoddy finishing, coloured linings like treasure, Makes wearing a Michelsberg an absolute pleasure!”
Steve Walker (By Ange Walker)

“I contacted James having decided I would like a tailor made suit for my wedding in Nov 2010. The advice James gave me at the start of the process regarding fabric, cut and design was invaluable resulting in a fantastic end product that felt great on the day and I know I’ll enjoy wearing for many years to come, I’m already thinking about my next Michelsberg commission.”
Anthony Birks

“James is a great friend, I have worked with him, he is a talented and commited professional, sales person, tailor and budding fly fisherman!”
Duncan Carter

“This man has such a passion for tailoring it would be a shame to buy a suit elsewhere.”
Ben Donald