Mohair & No hair

When a client called to say he was heading to Vegas and wanted some new threads, inspiration came in the form of the character Sam “Ace” Rothstein, in one of my favourite films, “Casino.”

When it comes to mobsters and gangsters there is one cloth that is de rigeur and that my friends is a sexy little lady by the name of Miss Mohair. When she rubs up against your skin, it’s time to hit the spirits, light that stogie and party. Read More

I feel the need, the need for Tweed

It’s that time in the year when we can start to kick back a little and tuck into the joys of corporate hospitality. The Grand Prix, glorious Goodwood, The Open and York races all lie temptingly before us.

Even as I write, the cash registers are going mental in the Champagne tents at Henley and Wimbledon – speaking of which, I’d like to propose a toast to Nadal for knocking out the bicep wheelding Brit who no doubt still supports “whoever’s playing England..” Read More