A Snappy New Year

Another year, another dollar, and after what has been a highly indulgent Christmas, it seems another chin.

For ten gloriously gluttonous days I put my feet up, except for an enjoyable trip to Helmsley for a photo-shoot with two new customers.

Introducing brothers George and James Craig, from the band, ‘One Night Only.’

They knocked on my door after spotting the particularly dandified double-breasted waistcoat in scarlet doeskin I’d made for Jack at Jeffery-West shoes. Read More

Sew this is Christmas!

Last Sunday I enjoyed a perfect quiet moment to myself. Wallowing by the log fire with a belly full of lamb shanks, I raised a glass of Chianti to the newly installed Christmas tree in the corner and looked forward to my favourite time of the year.

To me, Christmas is all about the build-up, and mine has well and truly begun. Last Monday evening was the final of the Michelsberg Debating Competition.

Held at the Malmaison Hotel in Leeds, there was a really festive vibe as judges, teams and guests enjoyed carols and a glass of red wine, amongst twinkling lights and candles in the Chateaux lounge. Read More

Sharp suits and sniffles.

As I staggered into the coat-makers with half a dozen fittings in each hand, my bag over my shoulder and a length of cloth and lining under my arm, I recalled the words of Thomas Edison: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

I raised my eyes to the sky, thanked the Lord for Right Guard and made a mental note to book in for an IQ test.

This month has been full-on. Absolutely Mental. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been suffering from that terrible affliction known as man-flu, but like many a chap, I’ve put on a brave face and battled on without a whimper, or, request for sympathy…sniff.. Read More

Trip to Shanghai

It’s four hours before my flight home and I’m closeted in the cigar bar of the JC Mandarin Hotel, a bottle of Tsing Tao beer in my left hand, a knock off Montblanc pen in my right, trying to find words that do justice to the incredible city that is Shanghai.

Here for a mixture of business and pleasure, it’s blown my mind. Whilst Europe shivers from an ill wind of debt, China sunbathes confidently in a Gucci G-string.

What a city. It’s bold, brassy, bristles with energy, has the swagger of John Wayne and more grunt than Monica Seles. I was staying just off the Nanjing Road, their equivalent of Bond Street. Read More

Fancy a poke?

Damn that Zuckerberg bloke. I’ve resisted Facebook for years, but I’ve had yet another customer extolling the virtues of ‘social networking’ and how it could benefit my business, so I’ve decided to take a shaky step towards the dark-side and start a Facebook page for Michelsberg Tailoring.

I’m still not entirely convinced. I’ve always thought it a virtual slobberfest for American adolescents, techo-geeks and paedos to oggle pictures of Katie Price wannabes, driven to tell the world when they’ve waxed and what they’ve just eaten at McDonalds. Read More

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

It’s Monday morning and there is a spring in the Michelsberg step. On Thursday night I downed tools and headed off with my family for a long weekend in Runswick Bay on the East Coast.

What a spot. Gobsmackingly beautiful. It’s straight out of an Enid Blyton book where kids with beautiful manners eat picnics, take walks and uncover an international smuggling operation run by the lighthouse keeper. I relaxed, ate chips with everything, managed some surfing at Saltburn and even changed a few nappies. Read More

Michelsberg Opening Party

Six years ago, I was a headhunter in the technology sector. Fast forward to last Thursday evening and I’m playing the piano at 9.30pm outside my own bespoke tailoring shop in the Victoria Quarter, drinking Champagne and enjoying the adrenalin buzz that came with throwing a truly wonderful opening party.

My family were in attendance and serious respect must go to my friends who made it all the way from London (Flynny), Amsterdam (Pete), Bournemouth (The Parrott) and Huddersfield (Alan). Yes, I know Huddersfield isn’t that far but you have to understand that ‘The Bainer’ doesn’t like to leave the village. Read More

Grand Designs

We are just one roll of carpet and a corner sofa away from declaring the new Michelsberg showroom open for business.

There’s been no room for pashmina-clad designers flouncing about on this job and even Karen, my architect, rolled her sleeves-up and got stuck in despite a broken finger.

Huge thanks must go to my father-in-law, Les, who has done much of the shop-fitting. He’s a motorbike riding man’s-man, with a garden shed rammed with more tools than B&Q, and I’ve actually seen him hammer nails into wood with his bare hands and crush a wasp to death with his fingers. Read More

On the Move

It’s official. Michelsberg Tailoring has finally found a new home for itself and is setting up shop in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds.

Here I am with John Bade, Centre Director of the VQ, after the ink was dry on signing a lease on 24a Queen Victoria Street, literally just round the corner from my favourite shoe shop, Jefferey West.

Hands up, it’s a bit of a fancy pants location, with neighbours such as Harvey Nichols, Paul Smith and Louis Vuitton, but as a wee laddie I loved coming here to spank the credit card, drink coffee and watch the pretty gals go by. Read More

It’s a small world

Dear Friends – on Saturday 26th February at 12.51pm, my second daughter came into the world at great speed weighing a healthy seven pounds and eleven ounces.

Introducing, Miss Elizabeth Jasmine Michelsberg. :-)

Sitting back afterwards with a cup of tea, feeling the happiest man on earth, our paediatrician popped in to check on our little lady…and it was the wife of one of my customers, for whom I made his wedding suit in 2008!

Read More