Festive Finery

Tis’ the season for Tuxedos.

Invitations to awards ceremonies, fundraisers, banquets and Gatsbyesque style festive bashes often come with that most wonderful of dress codes, “Black Tie.”

Without a doubt, the dinner suit is my favourite outfit. It’s a creature of the night – dark, elegant, understated, effortlessly chic.

Within every man there is a dormant ‘Bond’ gene, sleeping amongst more sensible chromosomes, itching for adrenalin fuelled, nocturnal misbehaviour. Read More

Smuggling Budgies

February 2015. Chalet Morzine. France.

Bugger! I’d forgotten to pack my swimming shorts. With gritted teeth and weary legs, I struggled back into my ski gear, hobbled past the mocking jacuzzi, winced longingly at the beer fridge and headed out into the snow in search of something to wear.

My options in the ski-shop were bleak. Retina-scalding, neon-pink ‘board shorts,’ or, black, lycra, ‘trunks’ with cream go-faster stripes down the sides. Read More

Carry on Colin

Last Sunday (Fathers Day), after a wonderful time spent with the fruit of my loins, I settled down with Mrs ‘M’ to watch a film that has been on my radar for ages – “Kingsman.”

Anything that involves spies, sharp suits, Savile Row and Samuel L Jackson has to be a winner. Right?

Well, as my fingers hover over my keyboard, I hear the voice of my Grandma, Edith, ringing in my ears…. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Read More

Power Cords

Happy New Year my friends – may it be a fabulous one for us all!

I’m slowly getting back to my fighting weight, after what has been a particularly sinful Christmas, and am delighted to report that business has got off to a cracking start.

There’s a real Seventies vibe going on at the moment, with bold checks, wide lapels and deep collared shirts increasingly featuring in the armoury of my victims.

Charlie Anderson cordMy apprentice, Mr Anderson, has fully embraced this nod to the days of helmet-hair and flashing dance-floors, with the addition to his wardrobe of this plush, burgundy corduroy suit. Read More

Yuletide Greetings

On Monday 23rd December, Christmas came early at Michelsberg Tailoring with an exciting delivery from the elves at UPS.

Introducing our new selection of Donegal tweed, knitted silk ties, and assortment of pocket hanks – deep joy.

Michelsberg Ties

With the frenzied excitement of my three year old daughter Elizabeth, faced with a new “Frozen” costume, I ripped off my Hermes number and slipped on a burgundy Donegal, secured with my favourite knot – the half-Windsor. Read More

Running the Gauntlet

I’ve just finished Ranulph Fiennes’s autobiography, “Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know.”

His ‘why can’t I?’ approach to life is uplifting and truly inspirational. He too had his heroes, and in life, I believe you need people (and their work) to look up to and emulate.

Inspiration comes in many ways. As far as tailoring and style go, for me it’s the likes of Sir Paul Smith, Chittleborough & Morgan, Ralph Lauren, Mark Powell, Ermenegildo Zegna, Cifonelli and Attolini who drive me on to do better and achieve more. Read More

Feeling Horny

My Grandma, Edith, used to come out with some wonderful phrases:

“She’s all teeth and temptation,” was one of my favourites, as was, “don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.”

The former young filly, is often encountered by a chap, resplendent in a Michelsberg bespoke suit. The latter, is my call to arms when making it.

When it comes to tailoring, the devil is very much in the detail, and economising on trivial things is dangerous ground. It’s all very well selecting a beautiful cloth and lining, but just as important are the use of quality trimmings. Read More

Short tempered

The one crumb of comfort I’ll take from the end of Summer, is no more encounters like this one in Leeds.

As he swaggered past me, rapping “A’m rollin’ wi mi backie…” I didn’t know whether to laugh, or, cry.

Sunshine can bring with it a multitude of sins, and last week, on my way down to Newquay, my retinas were once again subjected to more horrors of the flesh.

When it comes to shorts, my viewpoint from a sartorial perspective is unwavering. They are ugly, unsophisticated and I will not make them. Read More

You’ve gotta pick a pocket or two boys


As a tailor, I get a real kick out of making something for a special occasion.

A wedding, or, red-carpet movie premiere is a huge deal and so the pressure of delivering something perfect, on time, is palpable.

A sharply cut suit can make you feel taller, sexier, powerful and more confident. Providing the armour to help my customer ‘own it’ at that key moment in their life is a very rewarding experience.

Whilst it’s great to do those ‘one-offs,’ clothes are a basic part of our lives and should be used to make it easier, both at work and play. Read More

A Christmas Package

So, will it be ‘Calvin’s’ for Christmas?

Money says the shedding of wrapping paper at Casa Michelsberg will reveal a white box, emblazoned with the image of a smouldering footballer.

His body, a waxed temple to muscular perfection, laughs in the face of love-handled lesser mortals. Sullen eyes, lowered towards his slim waist, fall on a cotton pouch, so tight it’s possible to tell his religion.

This bushy tailed beacon of virility and athleticism might cause many a chap to ‘suck in’ beneath his dressing gown, but the truth is that a man’s underwear is often the weakest link in his wardrobe. Read More