Threads of isolation

As the cold winds of isolation blow over Corona County, for those newly working at home, these are dangerous times.

My heart goes out to those poor displaced souls, tucked away in the eves with a laptop, unshaven, the crumbs of yesterday’s KitKat, smeared across their jogging bottoms.

One day, you’re a city slicker, the next, a dead ringer for Dominic Cummings.

Being surrounded by people during our working day keeps us on the straight and narrow. Read More

Cheers for Chinos

Having just returned from a wonderful break in Runswick Bay on the East coast, I have to admit I’d gone rather feral.

Whilst most of my customers assume I relax in velvet smoking jacket, embroidered slippers, silk cravat and fez, my downtime is marked by a far more casual approach to dress.

The pleasure of getting up, a quick teeth scrub, throwing on an old t-shirt and heading off to Saltburn for a surf in the brine, is a welcome break from my usual, rigorous morning ablutions – think ‘American Psycho’ and you’re not far off! Read More

Cordially yours.

As this wonderful Summer runs its course, preparations for Autumn & Winter are underfoot at Casa Michelsberg.

This weekend, a fresh batch of logs was delivered, and during a family shopping trip to Waitrose, I found myself drawn – like a slavish moth to the fire – towards my amber coloured friends in the spirits section.

Now is the time for Mr Tanqueray to exit stage left, as Messrs Hine & Hibiki take centre stage in my theatre of sin. Read More

A vested interest.

Heading out of the Victoria Quarter this month, I was confronted with something that for me, cast a cloud over this sun-soaked Great British Summer.

Lads, stripped to the waist, swigging from bottles, a cacophony of “It’s coming home!” delivered from slurring, red faces.

Decked out in my panama hat, tan leather briefcase and linen suit, the peaks of several baseball caps swivelled in my direction.

From the looks on their jeering faces, I felt a cordial invitation to join them for a vape and a can of Stella, most unlikely. Read More

“Show me your shoes, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

My Grandma, Edith, was a stylish, intelligent lady who had a wonderful saying – “show me your shoes, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Never a truer word was spoken.

All the impact, and awe inspiring beauty of wearing a perfectly tailored suit, bespoke shirt and rakish accessories, comes crashing down to nothing, if you’ve scrimped on your foot candy.

I implore every chap out their, “don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.” (another Edith special) Read More

The Clean Inn

A question I’m often asked is, “where should I take my suits to be dry-cleaned?”

My answer is always the same:

Rule number 1: don’t use Johnsons.

Rule number 2: don’t dry clean them unless absolutely necessary.

Regarding the former, I  recently made two suits in the same Super 130’s  cloth for a chap (the groom) and his brother (best man). The best man took his to an independent dry-cleaner and it was returned in good shape. Read More

Bespoke Shirts

This month, Michelsberg Tailoring sold it’s thousandth made-to-measure shirt.

Here are some new Michelsberg bobby dazzlers waiting to be collected before Christmas.

Michelsberg Made-to-Measure Shirts

It all started five years ago, when I was approached by a company who offered to make me a free bespoke shirt, and experience their quality.

Whilst bespoke suits have been a part of my wardrobe since my late twenties, I’d been very happy with my ready-to-wear Eton shirts because a) I liked the fit and b) my ironer-in-chief found their ‘non-iron’ quality a joy to behold. Read More

Skinny Bottoms

According to the Rake Magazine this month, skinny bottoms are dead.

I’m not talking about the recent spate of plus size models twerking their bodacious booties in Vogue magazine, but a gentleman’s trousers.

Commercial necessity dictates that the wheel of fashion must constantly turn, and every designer wants to be credited with bucking the trend and trailblazing the next big thing.

When it comes to bespoke tailoring, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and despite what the cognoscenti might say, a slimmer silhouette is still the flavour of choice for my customers.  Read More

The Earl of Oxford Street

As a surfer, I dream about the perfect wave.

It’s four foot high, the clean surging face a glistening wall of sparkling gold.

I’ve searched far and wide, from Devon to Bali, and it’s proven pretty illusive – much like the perfect suit.

On a daily basis I’m on the hunt for the finest of threads. Instagram. The Rake Magazine. Trips to Florence and London.

Excellence is everywhere but there is one place that has seriously stoked the sartorial fires that glower within me. Read More

“Something for Wimbledon, Sir?”


Hope you’ve had a cracking festive break and have made a good start to 2016!

Winter is upon us, and whilst the radiators of Michelsberg HQ do battle with the joys of a cruel Leeds wind, our thoughts lie ahead to sunnier climes.

Crazy as it sounds, it is now, as we scrape Jack Frost from our windscreens, the perfect time to start thinking about our Spring / Summer wardrobes.

This week, we’ve had two of the biggest cloth companies giving us pre-launch showcases of their wares for next season. Read More