White Lines

Pete Doherty and I both get a kick when we look into a mirror and see lots of white lines that are perfectly lined up…

I do feel a little cruel using this picture of Pete as in my past I have stumbled out of clubs like Back-to-Basics and SW1 at five in the morning looking a little ‘worse for wear,’ and so apologise to our Burberry clad friend for using a cheap shot to try and inject some humour into this missive.

Anyway, back to white lines – check out these beauties below: Read More

Covert Coats – who’s your daddy?

Brrr – it’s been as cold as a polar bear’s privates this weekend so what a cracking excuse to show off my new ‘covert’ coat pictured above. Technically it’s not a true covert coat for reasons which I will explain below and so I have come up with my own name for it – “The Daddy.”

It’s styled along the lines of “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” pimped up with some purple velvet which came from the same piece used to make a jacket for Elton John – cross my heart this is true! – and made from a Super 100’s cloth with cashmere from Edwin Woodhouse. Read More

What is Bespoke?

To me Bespoke is more than just a word, it is a process, and I have outlined below the steps to thread heaven and explained how our British bespoke line differs from our made-to-measure offering.

British Bespoke

Once I’ve met a client and taken his measurements and any figuration details (does he have a drop shoulder? square shoulders? forward shoulders? stand erect? stooped?) the next stage is to sit down with one of my cutters.

Introducing Rodney, or to many in the trade, Rod “The Mod.” He has been in the tailoring trade since 15 years old, is the proud owner of a 1966 Lambretta, and whilst claiming he never battled on the beaches of Brighton, admits to being a regular at Kaiser Chief concerts and Elland Road…still sounds like a trouble-maker to me! Read More

Looking after your threads

A question I’m often asked is, “what should I do to look after my suit?” In short, treat it with a little love and kindness and it will grow old gracefully.

I have a wonderfully eccentric client who recently attended a wedding and am reliably informed ended up “windmilling” on the dance-floor wearing a jacket I’d made-up for him in a 12oz worsted cloth. Whilst this is quite a hard wearing fabric and our jackets are well constructed, this goes beyond normal wear and tear. Read More

Michelsberg Tailoring in the Yorkshire Post

The Yorkshire Post wrote a terrific article about our coming move to a working mill just outside Leeds – Edwin Woodhouse & Co Ltd – one of the oldest and I believe finest producers of fine worsteds in the country.
Currently in the process of building new offices and a showroom, the plan is to be able to show my clients around the mill, explain how the cloth is produced and then retire to my quarters for a consultation and fitting over a freshly made coffee or, perhaps, something a little stronger.
As one of my favourite cloth suppliers, most of their business is overseas although they do deal with some lesser know tailors than myself such as Gieves and Hawkes and Ozwald Boateng… you can read the article here. Read More