A Snappy New Year

Another year, another dollar, and after what has been a highly indulgent Christmas, it seems another chin.

For ten gloriously gluttonous days I put my feet up, except for an enjoyable trip to Helmsley for a photo-shoot with two new customers.

Introducing brothers George and James Craig, from the band, ‘One Night Only.’

They knocked on my door after spotting the particularly dandified double-breasted waistcoat in scarlet doeskin I’d made for Jack at Jeffery-West shoes. Read More

Well Hung

Mr Miyagi and I both understand the importance of balance. To quote the great man, “Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good.”

His words of wisdom are just as important to the craft of tailoring as they were to the floppy haired Daniel LaRusso, who broke a thousand pre pubescent hearts in the 1980’s as he kicked his way to victory in the film “Karate Kid.”

That said, you won’t find me doing the crane, waxing cars, or having a pop at helpless insects with chopsticks. Balance, as far as I’m concerned is all about getting a coat to hang perfectly from the shoulders. Read More

It’s Cuffing Winter!

The days of grilled fish and a lingering G’n’T after work are gone. Winter is upon us and it’s time to pull up the drawbridge, uncork the red, slam a pie in the oven and welcome back the captains of crap TV into out homes. May I propose a toast to Messers Sugar, Forsythe, Michel Roux Jnr, and the modern day Cowley that is Sir Harry Pearce.

It’s also a time to sort out the wardrobe. Light grey suits in floaty nine ounce cloths must give way to heavier twelve ounce weights in darker tones, with Flannels, Corduroy, Moleskin and Tweeds getting their turn in the spotlight. Read More

Man versus Machine

“Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more.”

I feel like everyone has been getting their rocks off in Ibizia, sailing in Greece, or, canoeing down the Dordogne, whilst I’ve been working my fingers to the bone, delivering suits for weddings, the races, and well dressed fun in the sun.

Saying that, I did recently spend a few days in Portugal visiting a garment maker I met at Pitti Uomo in Florence, who is a contender to manufacture my forthcoming ready-to-wear collection. Read More

Italian Stallions at Pitti Uomo

Last week I died and went to sartorial heaven. The angels spoke in Italian, sipped espressos and strutted around like peacocks, showcasing some of the finest tailoring on the planet.

I’d decided to make the pilgrimage to Florence to take part in the biggest menswear show in Europe – ‘Pitti Uomo.’

For lovers of divine threads this truly is the land of milk and honey. It’s here where the big boys like Kiton, Brioni, Belvest, and D’Avenza come to oil up and flex their garment making muscles in front of an international audience of buyers, agents and the media. Read More

Shear Heaven

I’m happy. So bloody happy I just can’t stop grinning. Spring is in the air, I’m off surfing in three weeks time and I’ve just had one of the best Mondays of my life:

Woke up. Sunny. Bacon Sandwich. Put on a new suit – three piece, very fitted, peak lapel, velvet collar, love it. Train to Kings Cross. Tube to Green Park. Stroll past the Ritz, through the Burlington Arcade, a right, two lefts and onto my spiritual home, my muse, my raison d’etre – Savile Row. Read More

Back to School

Throw in some clouds, angels and an immaculately dressed bearded chap in bespoke vicuna robes and I’d be in tailoring heaven.

Why? Because Michelsberg Tailoring is through to the final of the Golden Shears tailoring competition – come on!!

As mentioned in my blog in December, it’s run by the Merchant Taylors Company and is basically the Oscars of the Tailoring trade.

All the young guns of Savile Row and students at fashion colleges throughout the world submit garments in the hope of making it through to a professional catwalk show which takes place on March 16 in London. Read More

Frankincense, Myrrh & Golden Shears

It’s less than a week to go before my family and I head off to Australia for Christmas to check out my brother’s six week old baby boy, Harrison.

So, I thought I’d provide the chaps back home with a little something to keep the temperature up whilst I’m wallowing in the surf and sunshine.

The charming young lady pictured alongside yours truly is Sara Nicholaides, a final year student at Batley School of Art and Design.

She has won a competition to represent Michelsberg Tailoring, at The Golden Shears Tailoring Competition 2009 in London. Read More

Nobody does it better..

I remember it like it was yesterday. I’d just finished watching the Dukes of Hazard on the telly and my Father came into the lounge and told me a Bond film was about to start and I’d enjoy it. Understatement at its finest.

Watching your first Bondy is as much of a rite of passage into the world of manhood as loosing your virginity, except it lasts a bit longer. I popped my 007 cherry to ‘Goldfinger’.

Sean Connery in my opinion is, and always will be, the ultimate Bond. That deep Scottish bur, the way he moved like a cat, nonchalant with confidence oozing from every pore. Read More

Savile Row – highway to sartorial heaven

For my friend Gullers, it’s the sound of a Ferrari engine. For my brother Edward, it’s a bottle of Château Latour or Penfolds Grange. We all have things in life that make our eyes sparkle and grin from ear to ear and for me it’s always been clothes.

From my silver “Miami Vice” / Don Jonhnson number at the age of ten to my first Savile row suit from Chester Barrie at twenty one, threads just simply do it for me. Can’t explain why, they just do and they always will. Read More