Bring on the gimp

Beauty comes in many forms and the ability to appreciate stunning architecture, a fine wine, or, a gorgeous suit, is not just the right of the connoisseur.

All our opinions are valid, and whilst experience in an area lends credibility, the gift of good taste and a sense of style is subjective, and cannot be learnt.

We are all different and our little grey cells get excited about some things, and sigh “whatever” at others.

Even before I got into the world of bespoke tailoring, suits turned me on. As a young man on holiday in Marbella, I was stopped dead in my tracks in front of the window of Tom Ford. Read More

Michelsberg Made to Measure

Ciao amici miei!

The Michelsberg Italian Uber level has landed and here I am on a passeggiata outside Michelsberg HQ.

James Michelsberg Italian Uber

As I mentioned in my previous blog, it’s the real deal, top of the tailoring tree. Suit porn for a sartorial connoisseur, absolutely everything hand-made, a work of art.

The moment I slipped the jacket on, my back shivered.

Excitement, adrenalin, I’m not exactly sure what caused those tingles of joy, but it felt like nothing I have experienced before. The soft canvas, so light and yet still palpable, caressed my torso like the embrace of an angel. Read More

“Made in Italy”

I’ve had an itch for some time. It’s been tickling me ever since my first trip to the International menswear show in Florence that is Pitti Uomo.

It’s a condition known as Italophilia – “the admiration, general appreciation or love of Italy, its culture, society, arts and/or people.”

For me, it’s their threads that I adore, and of course, the flair, confidence and way in which they are worn. The Italian dandy, in all his finery, is the espresso sipping peacock of this planet. Read More

Power Cords

Happy New Year my friends – may it be a fabulous one for us all!

I’m slowly getting back to my fighting weight, after what has been a particularly sinful Christmas, and am delighted to report that business has got off to a cracking start.

There’s a real Seventies vibe going on at the moment, with bold checks, wide lapels and deep collared shirts increasingly featuring in the armoury of my victims.

Charlie Anderson cordMy apprentice, Mr Anderson, has fully embraced this nod to the days of helmet-hair and flashing dance-floors, with the addition to his wardrobe of this plush, burgundy corduroy suit. Read More

Tennis, trofie and tailors

It’s 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon in Leeds.

Blue sky, twenty seven degrees, and a white-wine and Peroni soaked crowd of suits, are wallowing on the sun-drenched pavement outside the Bar & Grill.

Now is the time of the year to kick back and suck the marrow out of every bone Mother Nature throws at us.

Earlier this month, I decided to take a cheeky day off, and my wife and I headed down to Wimbledon for the tennis.

With yet another glorious day on the cards, and wanting to look the part, my first port of call was to my favourite hatters Lock and Co on St James’s street, to treat myself to a Panama hat. Read More

Dining with Giants

On Wednesday 12th February at 6.30pm, I was formally announced into the inner sanctum of the Merchant Taylors Hall in the City of London.

Based at Number 30 Threadneedle Street, this has been home to The Livery Company of The Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors’ since 1343, and tonight was their annual Benevolent Association Dinner.

As far as events go in the world of fine threads, this is the ‘Big Kahuna’, the ‘Bomb-Diggy.’ I’d kindly been invited by the cloth company Scabal to join their table. Read More

A ten inch rise

There aren’t many professions where you inform a customer that you’re going to give him a ten inch rise in his trousers.

The ‘rise’ in the world of tailoring is the difference between the outside and inside leg measurements. In simple terms it’s roughly the distance between the top of the waistband and the bottom of the fly.

At Michelsberg Tailoring, there are two cardinal sins when it comes to making a pair of strides. A baggy arse (or ‘seat’) and a floppy crotch (or, to give it its proper name if you’re a chap, a ‘fork’). Too much rise and a pair of pants can resemble a wet, saggy nappy. Not a good look. Read More

London Calling

It’s Saturday morning, I’ve just done my last fitting before Christmas, there’s a brass band playing carols in the Victoria Quarter and I’m feeling simply bloody marvellous.

Whilst the bling-tastic Christmas tree outside is impressive, it’s nowt compared to the bright lights of London.

Last Thursday I spent twelve glorious hours in our throbbing metropolis.

Most of it was out and about on the streets of Mayfair, a perfumed playground for the privileged, where delicate noses safely sniff, far away from the fetid stench of despair and poverty that lies beneath this truly great city. Read More

Tinker, Tailor, Shoulder, Spy.

007. Three digits, one man, five billion dollars in revenue. James Bond is the ultimate brand.

After the front page of Google, Daniel Craig’s pecs must be the most valuable space on earth. Pay per nip advertising – his agent’s missing a trick.

A third of Skyfall’s £100million budget was paid for by product placement deals and who can blame them. Bond is a living god: the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit of all things cool. Read More

Wilde Times Ahead

“I find that alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, may produce all the effects of drunkenness.” (Oscar Wilde)

Sprawled on my Chesterfield, a glass of tawny port in hand, I couldn’t agree more. For those of you who haven’t seen his biography, “Wilde” is a decent film. Whilst my wife, and no doubt Stephen Fry, enjoyed extensive footage of Bosie’s (Jude Law’s) bottom, I was captivated by the wardrobe.

In a recent article I declared “The Dandy is back,” but compared to the Victorians, we’re lightweights. Read More