Unchained Melody

Another Friday, another trip to the bottle bank.

James Michelsberg - Bottle Bank

With a pantry rammed with more empties than Lineker’s bar on a Saturday night in Magaluf, it’s a path that’s been well-trodden over the past nine weeks.

I suppose it’s been my own way of giving something back during these troubled times.

In fact, to all of you out there, who regularly bestow a rainbow of glass upon our countries recycling industry, I salute you.

We deserve an 8 o’clock clap, for services to the Environment. Read More

Long Live The Tie!

A customer of mine who is a surgeon, recently told me that when he was a junior doctor, his mentor advised him, “when meeting with a patient, you should be smartly dressed, clean shaven and smelling lightly of aftershave.”

If someone is going to slice open my body with a scalpel, I’d want everything about that person to scream ‘professional.’

Scuffed shoes, a scratty beard and halitosis are never going to help inspire confidence. Read More

Top Sock

On the 27th of March, I hit 44 years of age.

As well as my usual birthday presents of an annual subscription to ‘The Rake’ and ‘Carve’ magazines, I received further literary stimulation in the form of a book titled, ‘Socks: The Rule Book.’

Socks - The Rule Book

To date, when it comes to colour, I have been rather unadventurous as far as covering my rather petite sized seven feet.

Black and blue is the dominant bruising force in the Michelsberg sock drawer. Read More

La Dolce Vita.

Fed, heavily watered with a glow of self-contentment about me, it was time for the auction at the Bespoke Tailors Benevolent Association dinner to begin.

As part of the “Luxury Goods Package,” three little words ‘had me at hello’ – a bespoke hat. 

Digging as deep as any Yorkshireman might dare, I ended up being the successful bidder, and this month headed to London to claim my booty.

Here I am with Tamara Williams, the founder of The City Milliner. Read More

Yuletide Greetings

On Monday 23rd December, Christmas came early at Michelsberg Tailoring with an exciting delivery from the elves at UPS.

Introducing our new selection of Donegal tweed, knitted silk ties, and assortment of pocket hanks – deep joy.

Michelsberg Ties

With the frenzied excitement of my three year old daughter Elizabeth, faced with a new “Frozen” costume, I ripped off my Hermes number and slipped on a burgundy Donegal, secured with my favourite knot – the half-Windsor. Read More

A ten inch rise

There aren’t many professions where you inform a customer that you’re going to give him a ten inch rise in his trousers.

The ‘rise’ in the world of tailoring is the difference between the outside and inside leg measurements. In simple terms it’s roughly the distance between the top of the waistband and the bottom of the fly.

At Michelsberg Tailoring, there are two cardinal sins when it comes to making a pair of strides. A baggy arse (or ‘seat’) and a floppy crotch (or, to give it its proper name if you’re a chap, a ‘fork’). Too much rise and a pair of pants can resemble a wet, saggy nappy. Not a good look. Read More

Doing “The Baz” in Ibiza

I’ve seen that look in my customers eyes before. Desire, longing, want. Every new Bond film spawns a thousand suit fantasies and the latest catalyst for sartorial spending has been The Great Gatsby.

God bless The Silver Screen. I remember the ‘Unit 4′ cinema in Shipley when I was a child. A lurid horror-show of artex walls, sticky floors and velvet jump seats with built in ash-trays. This was the home of “Ghostbusters”, “Cocktail”, “the Karate Kid” – my friends and I transfixed as the lion roared through a smog of Marlboro reds. Read More

The Church of Good Taste

What’s the deal with blokes who insist on getting their kit off in the City centre?

I crossed paths with this chap yesterday morning, his nipple rings flashing at me in the glorious sunshine. Brave as ever, my grip tightened on the handle of my Whangee Umbrella as I prepared to defend myself against this unsavoury character.

Luckily, he had no designs on my wallet, nor waistcoat, the latter which I would have gladly provided in a bid get some of that pasty skin off the streets. Read More

Michelsberg Accessories and Shoes with Soul

If dressing well is an art form, then a bespoke suit is your canvas. If you want to create a masterpiece, then you’ve got to get down and dirty with the details and by that I’m talking about accessories.

Women understand this more so than men – many a cunning cougar, or flighty fox knows how a simple frock from Top Shop can be elevated to dizzy heights when teamed with a strappy pair of Louboutins and a Hermes Birkin.

It’s the same for men. A simple black Mohair suit will own that cocktail party when worn with a summer weight cashmere scarf, tied nonchalantly underneath it, a crisp white shirt and a hanky stuffed rakishly into the top pocket. Read More

Wrist Candy

On my twenty first birthday I was given an Omega De Ville watch by my parents and have to say it is one of my most treasured possessions.

I’ve spoken with people who have said they don’t bother with a watch as they have the time on their mobile but to me this is madness.

A watch is so much more than a timepiece – it can be a thing of beauty, an investment, a mechanical marvel, something deeply personal with a wonderful story and history attached to it, a statement about who you are and what you stand for. Read More